Learn Chemistry!

Hello readers,

As I mentioned in this post, I’m creating and compiling lessons, tutorials, and other purveyors of chemical information. There’s a good chance I’ll attempt similar things with math and physics (and who knows: maybe even biology?) when I’m done. The lessons will be published as posts, and this page will contain a table of contents with links to those posts. I strive for accuracy, but I’m not a professional, and there’s a fair chance that the lessons will contain a number of mistakes. If you spot any, just point them out in the comments and I’ll take a look. In addition to correcting me if I don’t explain a topic correctly, I also ask that you tell me if I am not explaining it well. By the time that I finish writing a post on any given topic, I plan to know that topic well. Since I will understand it, there will be a considerable gap in the information that I have and that someone who is unfamiliar with the topic has. I do not want to let this gap cause my writing to become unintelligible. If I appear to assume that you something that you might, in reality, not know, then please let me know. If there are any math concepts that must be used that the average person might not be familiar with, I will either attempt to explain it in an appendix at the bottom of the page, or I will post a link to a page that does a good job of briefly explaining it. I will use Chemistry, Sixth Edition by Steven S. Zumdahl and Susan A. Zumdahl, Chemistry For Dummies and Chemistry II For Dummies by John T. Moore Ed.D., A.P. Chemistry by Neil D. Jespersen Ph.D., and various websites, among other resources.

This image is taken from a Mental Floss article, which is, in turn, taken from a TED-Ed mini-course by Stephanie Warren titled,

A chemist at work in his laboratory.


by Milton Floyd

Table of Contents

  • An Introduction to Chemistry (unfinished)
  • Measurement, Uncertainty, and Calculation (unfinished)
  • The History of Chemistry (unfinished)
  • Atoms, Ions, and Compounds (unfinished)
  • Stoichiometry (unfinished)
  • Gas Laws (unfinished)
  • Solutions (unfinished)
  • Kinetics (unfinished)
  • Equilibrium (unfinished)
  • Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry (unfinished)
  • Atomic Structure and Periodicity (unfinished)
  • Oxidation-Reduction Reactions (unfinished)
  • Electrochemistry (unfinished)
  • Acids and Bases (unfinished)
  • Nuclear Chemistry (unfinished)
  • Organic Chemistry (unfinished)


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