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Free Chemistry Lessons!

Hello readers,
I am currently in the midst of an A.P. Chemistry study session. I found that one of the most helpful ways to obtain a better understanding of any topic in any subject is to author a packet which, if read by a person unfamiliar with that topic, could give that person an adequate understanding of the topic you are trying to study. In addition to this, my little sister, who’s in seventh grade, wants me to teach her chemistry, so I’m writing a curriculum with which to teach her. My series of posts still has far to go, and is mostly unfinished, but when completed, it should cover topics that range from those topics that lay the foundations for a Chemistry A class, to those covered in the last few chapters of an A.P. Chemistry class. I figured that I would post this here before finishing to give me motivation to finish. Even if no one reads this — and who am I kidding; it isn’t like anyone actually does read this — it would bother me to have an uncompleted job. I’ll start later this month. For the completion of this project, you should expect a long, but finite, wait. I’ll cite some of the resources I’ll use to help me here: Chemistry, Sixth Edition by Steven S. Zumdahl and Susan A. Zumdahl; Chemistry For Dummies and Chemistry II For Dummies by John T. Moore, Ed.D.; and A.P. Chemistry by Neil D. Jespersen, Ph.D.

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