I’ve started learning code. Wish me luck!

Alright, so with the becoming everyday more and more computer-oriented and digitized, I figured it would be handy to learn how to code. There is the possibility today to use the one’s coding skills entrepreneurially and make some money off it. I’m not talking about reinventing something like Facebook, but who knows, it could be helpful.

I wasn’t sure how or where to start, so I went over to Reddit.com’s subreddit for the subject: /r/learnprogramming  to find out more. From what I gathered, Python would be one of the best languages to learn for a beginner like me. I then found my way over to www.codeacademy.com, and registered to start my journey into programming. I’ve looked for other sites that could help, like treehouse or code.org, although treehouse costs money, which my 15-year-old self does not have. And as for code.org, I just feel it is not as good at teaching as Codeacademy. I plan to use the both of them in conjunction, though, in case one can teach my what the other can’t. I also signed up for my high school’s course ‘Intro to Programming’, although that doesn’t start until after midterms when we get back from Christmas break (sorry, I just want to go off topic for one second, they call it “holiday break.” Now I’m not one of those ‘War on Christmas people’, but Hanukkah was wayyy early this year, so if anyone is celebrating a holiday right now, it’s going to be Christmas. But sorry, let’s get back to talking about programming.)

So far I have learned variables, and datatypes such as integers, floats, and booleans. I have also learned about whitespace, comments, and arithmetic operations. I am about to learn how to make a tip calculator using what I have just learned. If any of you know programming (if I actually even have any readers) and you would suggest anything to help me on my quest for knowledge of coding, I’d appreciate that information in the comments. Well, thanks for reading, I’m going to sign off and get started on the calculator.



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3 responses to “I’ve started learning code. Wish me luck!

  1. Welcome to programming Milton :). I’m also quite new to programming and loving it so far. Just like you my first teacher was CodeAcademy and just like you I started out with Python. It’s simply the best language for someone programming for the first time.
    But know this, Codeacademy does not make you a programmer. It’s courses are designed to teach the basics of programming and after you finish the python, you will find yourself craving more Python and needing it.
    If you enjoy the Codeacademy course and chances are you will , then just like me you will start looking for more Python and here’s websites that will help you.

    1. http://www.coursera.org.
    (It has a a few good courses on programming in Python. I took the one from the University of toronto and it was good)
    (there is a wonderful course on programming in python from .. wait for it .. MIT. Not only that, but the lecturer is the chancellor of computer science and engineering at MIT :). But be warned, the quizes are quite difficul )
    3. http://www.udacity.com
    (This one is different from the other two because the courses are self-paced. Coursera and EDX have quizes, assingments and projects with deadline just like a university course. However, udacity’s courses give you all the time you need to do the exercises and watch the lectures)

    And here is the best part about these websites … THEY ARE ALL FREE.
    May you enjoy your programming journey and wishing you all the best ^_^

    • Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. That’s usually the problem I have with learning new things (like when I’ve tried learning new foreign languages): I’m able to learn the basics really well, but it’s hard to go from there. Thank you and Merry Christmas (or if you’re Jewish, Happy Hanukkah, or i f you’re Muslim, well, I don’t know any holidays in Islamic culture except Eid, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Eid right now.)

      • I’m muslim actually ^_^.You are correct we have two holidays both of them are called Eid and it’s a long time from now. But I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless and happy holidays to you brother.

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