Hello, world.

I’m not quite sure how to start off this kinda thing– this being my first blog. I guess I should introduce myself.

My name is Milton Floyd. Well, to be honest, it isn’t really. It is a pen name, for I did not want to use my real name. If there is a Milton Floyd out there, sorry for using your name.

The purpose of this blog is nothing more than for it to be a place for me to write. I’m not even much of a writer or anything, I just figured it would be nice to have an outlet to express my views on politics, philosophy, music, religion, et cetera, as well as writing about normal everyday topics.

The idea of me having a blog didn’t really sound right to me a year ago. I absolutely hate a good deal of blogs. And most of the people I personally knew who wrote them were either pretentious assholes or teenage girls writing about teenage girl stuff.

Then, some months ago, while I was browsing reddit (which I do too much of– I must stop) I wrote a libertarian-leaning comment on a political thread. Another user, writer for a libertarian blog, asked if I wanted to contribute weekly articles. I accepted and I got to work. Unfortunately however, I only lasted two articles until I got too busy outside of writing, and starting procrastinating even while I was busy with other stuff, and it was a hectic time as there was much testing going in school, so I stopped writing. While home from school over the weekend, I got bored and figured I wanted to do that writing thing again, so here it is.

One difference from said other blog, however, is that this one is not exclusively political. I will be writing about my thoughts on politics as well as many other aspects of life.

One more thing before I go, this blog is not quite written for or to an audience. I am not an author who writes for their readers, so if you find this boring the X button should be on the top right corner of your window. This being said, I hope you like it.

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